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Working Together

Judy Preston - Your Certified Commercial Investment Broker

Commercial Real Estate Knowledge and Experience

Judy Preston, CCIM

Judy Preston has over 25 years of comprehensive real estate experience, and she is one of only 13,000 professionals world wide to hold the designation Certified Commercial Investment Member CCIM. This designation is recognized as the hallmark of commercial competency.

To gain the CCIM Designation real estate professionals are required to complete core courses, to submit a Portfolio of Qualifying Experience, and pass a Comprehensive Examination.

In cross-border real estate deals the CCIM network provides Team Preston with access to local commercial real estate specialists, and gives the Team a chance to work with in-bound and out-bound referrals.

CIPS Network

Team Preston is also part of the Certified International Property Specialist (CIPS) network, which provides knowledge, research, and tools to support international clients.

Comprised of just over 2,000 real estate professionals the CIPS network provides a 360° view of the global market.

We are always happy to work and share referrals with the CIPS network, and are delighted to have experienced partners around the world at our fingertips.

To serve our foreign clients optimally Team Preston even provides translation services on request.

1031 Exchange

For 1031 Exchange our trusted Resource is a national leader in the industry with unmatched customer service.

Asset Preservation

Our Commercial Real Estate Services

First and foremost our goal is to help each and every client determine the best course of action towards his or her investment goals. We make it our priority to understand your short-term and long-term investment goals, review your financial objectives, and assess potential investment risks. Our Team of Consultants asks the right questions and listens to your needs and expectations.

Together we will develop a custom investment strategy to achieve an optimal return on investment, taking into account your individual level of risk tolerance.

Our Team Assets are
  • Outstanding professional knowledge and experience
  • Creative strategy development competencies
  • Dedicated Team members and resources
  • Proven Negotiations and timely Communication Skills
  • Strong advisory skills to support your decision making process

New Investors in Commercial Real Estate

Choose your Commercial Real Estate Agent wisely

Residential real estate usually revolves around the wants and needs of an individual with the goal to provide housing for him or herself. Commercial real estate is clearly more business-focused, with the goal to achieve a projected rate of return on the funds invested.

Team Preston has in-depth understanding of the commercial real estate market, construction and repair costs, highest and best use, market rents, operating cost, and last but not least tenant demands. We always prepare detailed cost-benefit analysis, break-even and risk assessment reports. We have the experience, resources, knowledge and network to help you with all your commercial real estate investments.

Our Process for getting you started
  1. Discussion of requirements, expectations and investment goals.
  2. Review of properties or investment types under consideration.
  3. Identification of potential market areas (related to current property portfolio).
  4. Selection of team members, definition of action plan to achieve your goals.
  5. Development of market analysis, gathering of needed resources.
  6. Client review of compiled market research, resources and timeline to achieve your goals.
  7. Approval and start of proposed customized strategy.

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Commercial Property Portfolio Holders

Assessing your Portfolio and Annual Evaluations

We are specialists in in assessing properties for their highest and best use. Annual Property Health Reviews, Value Estimates, and full Analysis Reports are part of services available by Team Preston. We keep on top of industry standards and market trends to be able to give you a professional review of your property health status.

Based on in-depth analysis we can offer suggestions on minimizing expenses, establishing long-term maintenance plans, maximizing revenue, and increasing the property’s net operating income. Contact us to set-up a property health-check, review your financial data, the rent role or your property's condition.

Long-term investments and wealth require a plan
  • Holding Property Assets
    Evaluate the health of your portfolio and your property management annually.
  • Refinancing Property
    Access to equity at current low rates might allow to purchase another property. Consult with a financial expert of your choice before refinancing.
  • Selling Property
    A 1031 Exchange has numerous benefits, and can help avoid tax implications. Consult a financial expert before selling to avoid potential tax consequences.

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